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Explore the site and find the right move for you, find the right mortgage refinance for your home. We give you access to the a large variety of sites that cover home mortgage rates to home equity loan. Mortgages in the UK are very easy to get at this time, interest rates are lower than they have been for many years and the competition in the mortgage sector is so intense that mortgage lenders are discounting their rates and offering amazing deals in an attempt to win your business from their competitors.

This makes it a very good market and consumers are going out in their masses to arrange a mortgage for the first time or even consider re-mortgaging their existing property.

Recent reports highlighted that certain home mortgage lenders were allowing themselves to be exposed to some very serious potential future problems, by being too relaxed with their self certification mortgage application process.

This type of mortgage in essence means that an individual doesn’t have to prove their earnings and can for practical purposes, state whatever they wish. This means that people are potentially borrowing up to six times their salary, which if interest rates were to go up could cause problems

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mortgage uk
24 Hour Loan
How fast did you need that loan? Get your loan approved in principal within 24 Hours!!
mortgage uk
Independent Mortgages
Independent Mortgages specialise in finding mortgages for clients who may have difficulty getting a mortgage from a traditional bank or building society. They have schemes to suit people that have mortgage arrears, credit problems, no proof of income, unusual properties and hundreds of other situations that might cause banks to say 'no'.
mortgage uk
Nationwide Building Society
No matter what you are treating yourself to; whether it is a relaxing holiday in the sun, a nice car or just paying off your credit cards, a Nationwide Loan will help you put your plan into action… © Nationwide Building Society.

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